SATRA Diamond – First Again!

As the leading UK manufacturer of furniture springs, Wade Spring is keen to continuously demonstrate the quality of its products through independent testing. So we’re thrilled to announce we are the first recipient of the new SATRA Diamond Product Certification.

Following stringent testing, including passing a 200,000 severe contract cycle test complying with BS EN 16139:2013, our Zig Zag Springs have been awarded this mark of excellence.

Though this is a new certification for the furniture industry, SATRA’s experience and expertise in quality assurance, certification and accreditation is trusted in numerous product supply chains on every continent and the brand has been respected for 100 years.

“Wade Spring are proud to be the first recipient of the new SATRA Diamond Product Certification following satisfactory testing up to severe contract level for our Sinuous Zig Zag Springs.

We’re very pleased SATRA as an established, professional research and testing association are re-introducing the Diamond Award. This can only be a positive for the Furniture trade.”

Chris Woodcock, Managing Director

“At SATRA we are very proud of our brand reputation. We wouldn’t put our name to a product we had any doubt about.”

John Hooker, SATRA Executive Director

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